Thursday, October 6, 2011

All For Just $3

I don't shop at CVS all that often but when I do, I feel like I really get such great deals!  Here's a perfect example that I scored yesterday.

(2) 12-Pack Lipton Iced Tea  reg. $ 6.99, sale $5
(2) Cheetos reg. $3.49, sale $3

-(1) $2/2 Lipton Iced Tea  10/02 Pepsico Moments
-(1) $1/2 Cheetos  10/02 Pepsico Moments
-(1) $10 ECB from two weeks ago

Total value purchased ... $20.96
Paid out of pocket ... $3
Percentage saved ... 93%
Earned ... $5 ECB

Now I know that not everyone has a $10 ECB burning a hole in their pockets.  But I make a big point not to factor in store funny money reward bucks until I actually use them.  So while most would consider this a Money Maker (paid $3, earned $5 ECB), I really only factor in pennies from my pocket.  So I paid $3.  Even if you didn't have the ECB to use, this would still be a pretty good deal.  And you could buy two Starbucks Frab 4 packs and use the $2/2 coupon also in the same 10/02 Pepsico Moments insert to keep the same total.

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