Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New To Coupons : Tips

I thought I would take a moment to offer up a tip or two each week for those who are new to extreme couponing.  Just little bits and bobbles that I've learned over the last ten months.

So today I want to talk about clipping ALL of your coupons.

As in you need to.  Clip them all.  At least in the beginning you need to clip them all. 

I frequently buy things that I don't intend to use.  Because they will benefit me in another way.  They might give me overage when using coupons that helps me to buy things I do want.  Or they might offer a free with purchase item that I do want.  Or they might be a way to roll a store reward deal.  I do of course donate them to either friends, family or a local food pantry.  I don't just have piles of junk around my house. 

But if you don't clip all of your coupons to have on hand, when those surprise deals pop up, you won't be able to take advantage of them.

So clip clip clip, my frugal friends!  Just because you think you don't need it, doesn't at all mean you won't need it.

I will say, after getting a better grasp on all things coupons (and I do hope it's clear that I am still learning every day), I don't actually abide by the rule I just laid out.  Gasp!  I don't clip coupons for cat products.  Unless they are for a FREE product.  Because those I will get to donate to a local rescue group.  But other than that, I no longer bother with cat product coupons.  I don't have a cat.  I don't like cats.  And none of my friends have cats.  I used to also toss baby product coupons (other than formula and wipes) and hair dye coupons.  But recently I began collecting both again as I donate all the baby products to my Junior League's campaign to help the Regional Food Bank and I started coloring my own hair.  Though the latter didn't really go that well so that might come to a screeching halt by next month.

Other than that, I really do clip every single coupon and file them away in my binders.  Even coupons for items I would never ever use!

Here are a few recent examples of when I purchased things I didn't necessarily want to benefit me in another way...

I nearly threw out these coupons!
I can't even eat the stuffing.

I will soon do a post on my tips for clipping coupons.  Because I totally know it's time consuming.  And often stops wishful couponers in their tracks.  Coming soon...

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