Friday, October 21, 2011

Walmart Trip

I know many folks love the mart but I have to say I just don't.  I don't think I have ever walked out with more than 50% of my list.  I often walk in with a list at least 15 items long and walk out without anything.  Because they don't have things in stock.  Not even special sale items.  It is just so hit or miss and also such a ridiculous hot mess inside there.

But I wanted to try to snag the elusive $4 Scrubbing Bubbles.  Which by the way I have not found after going to three Walmarts and one Walgreens.  Has anyone in the Cap Region found them? 

It's crockpot season so I picked up a few boxes of lines with print coupons that have since expired.  Two Renuzit cones, only because they were free with print coupons (no longer available).  Breathe Right because they were money makers.  And dog food because they dog gets hungry twice a day.  Each bag was $2.48 after coupons.  Not an incredible deal but still pretty good for our favorite brand.

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