Friday, October 28, 2011

Price Chopper Show And Tell

I finally made it over to Price Chopper this week.  Between Advantage sales and coupons, I saved $48.57 or 45%.  For me, that's pretty good.  I've done better but my goal is to save 40% overall. 

I realized that I often just show what I paid for a few items- the best of the best.  I don't want anyone to think I am leaving the store with a cart full of free groceries.  That just is not the case.  Ever.  I can always get a few items for or nearly free but at this point, my general savings is between 40 and 50% at the grocery store.

So for $58.90 (includes tax), I purchased...

* 1 bunch of bananas
* 1 onion
* 2 sweet potatoes (the checker rang them up as yams so I need to price check to make sure I didn't over pay)
* 1 bag of Dole salad mix (Fri sale $0.99)
* Egglands best eggs
* 2 boxes DeBoles GF pasta (sale 2.89, use $1 coupon)
* 4 bags Toll House chocolate chips (sale $2, use $0.50/2 coupon)
* 4 CV paper towels (Fri sale 3/$0.99)
* 3 Friehoffers choc chip cookies (Fri sale 3/$4.39)
* 2 Poland Springs ($1, used $1 coupon)
* 1 gallon milk
* 3 1/2 gallons True Moo chocolate milk (sale $2, use $0.55/1 coupon)
* 2 Helman's Olive Oil mayo (Fri sale $2.48, $1 coupon)
* 4 bags PChop frozen veggies (sale $1.79, PC coupon $1/4)
* Domino sugar (sale $3.69, $1/1 PC in ad coupon and $0.50/1 coupon)
* 2 Lays chips
* 6 Activia ($1.19, use $0.50/1 PC coupon because of exp date and $1/3 coupon)
* Pam spray (should be $3 but rang up $4.69 so I need to go back and hash that out tomorrow)

So as you can see, I did well but missed that the Pam and sweet potatoes rang up incorrectly.  This is why I prefer the self-check out.  I can catch things like this easier.  A lot of what I purchased was for holiday prep- such as the sugar and mayo. 

The chocolate milk is not something I would ever normally purchase.  But it was such a great price that I thought it would be good for hot cocoa on cold nights.  After the October snow storm last night, I have a feeling there will be many evenings with a cup of cocoa.  I will freeze it until I need it.  Same goes for the yogurt.  And extra cookies (which are for non-GF guests)

After my storage closet re-do this week, I am trying to focus on building up stock of things I need.  So that's what I did here.  Oh and the chips...well some weeks a girl just needs ice cream and chips.  This was sadly one of those weeks, my friends.  Y'all understand, right?

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