Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hold Me To This

So let's talk.  A real couponer heart to heart.  Between coupon-aholic besties.  It's serious. 

I re-organized my (gulp...I loathe this word) stockpile (in daily life I just call it my hall closet or stock closet so I don't start to feel like a someone paranoid about doom and gloom) and I am overflowing with a few items.  Items that at one point in time, I was sure I would never find at a good deal.  And was running low.  And paid more for the first few than I would now pay for many.  But then I eventually found them at crazy rock bottom prices.  So I stocked up.  Many times over.  Because I went so long without finding them at such great prices.

The thing is, I know SO much more now in my 10th month of extreme couponing than I did in my first and second.  So I seem to be better of course at finding those rock bottom prices.  I've learned my lesson.  And made a new list of items I am no longer allowed to purchase until I run down my stock significantly.

Ready?  Because I need y'all to hold me to this. 

* Toothpaste (this is actually a repeat)
* Floss (also a repeat)
* Dog treats (I have only have one dog)
* Lotion
* Body wash
* Conditioner
* Make-up (with a few exceptions)
* Deodorant
* Shaving cream (I was shocked at how many I now have!)
* Razors
* Cough drops
* First aid anything
* Cold and allergy meds (with a few exceptions)
* Headache meds
* Pantie liner pads
* Dishwasher detergent
* Laundry detergent
* Oatmeal (unless I find Better Oats on sale)
* Cereal
* Minced garlic
* Canned beans (mostly black)
* Gluten free flours
* Pectin (also shocked to see how much I have)
* Preserves (I make my own but have plenty to last a long while)
* Toys and games

Now of course, I have a few exceptions.  If I can find things totally free out of pocket (before tax), I may or may not still purchase them.  I do make regular donations to food banks and love being able to share on a dime size budget.  If I find items that I know will be used and appreciated, I might still buy them.  Not every week.  I go months sometimes of passing up the big deals because I know that I just don't need them.  The key there though is to hold yourself accountable.  I have a small box in my front closet and toss in donate items as soon as I come home.  Then when I go volunteer with Junior League or see the box getting full, I just drop it by a food bank or shelter.  Do a swagbucks search to find one close to you.  I was shocked at how many are actually in walking distance of me.  Call first if you have meds.  Some will accept them and some will not. 

My other exception is if I find a great deal but think an item will make a great gift.  This exception will pretty much end at the end of the month though as I am about finished doing all my holiday planning.

The nice thing about knowing what I am more than stocked up on is that I can now narrow my focus to things I would like to increase.  Want that list too? 

* Windex
* Clorox surface cleaner
* Shampoo (I only use one specific brand)
* Pasta sauce (the uses are endless)
* Chicken stock (the uses are endless)
* Salsa (the uses are endless)
* Frozen veggies (I have yet to find any truly amazing deals)
* Frozen fruit (at one point I had TONS but am about out now)
* Sugar (for holiday baked goods)
* Gluten free pasta
* Bob's GF pizza crust mix
* Dairy free milk (I try to limit my dairy)
* Ball canning jars (new or used, the uses are endless)
* Toilet paper
* Paper towels (preferably plain white)

It might surprise you to know that I don't use many canned items.  I like canned beans of all varieties, artichoke hearts and sometimes fruit.  Canned crab and clams find their way into dozens of meals.  And canned Mexican things like salsa and enchilada sauce.  But that's pretty much the extent of my canned goods.  Just a personal preference, but I just won't eat commercially canned veggies.  So I don't buy them.  And therefor do not need any fancy pants canned good storage systems. 

I do however have at least a dozen different types of flour.  That's what happens when you live gluten free and like to bake and cook.  My point is that we all have our special items that require special storage consideration.  For many it's cans.  For me, it's crazy expensive flours. 

What things are you overflowing with right now?  And what are your "can't possibly have enough in my storage" items?

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