Monday, October 24, 2011

Rite Aid Deals

I've not posted a shop photo yet because I've yet to go shopping.  I was busy yesterday and then just didn't feel like there were any amazing deals that required me running around.  I am not very excited by much this week, unfortunately.  I do however have some store reward bucks to spend at various places.  So I am instead just going to list some deals I noticed while looking at the ads and a few other brag blog posts.  It will probably be more of a "wing-it" week for me.  As in I will go with a list mid-week when I get around to shopping and purchase based on what I can flip my store funny money one and what is in stock.

So first up...

Rite Aid

* Zicam Ultra Cold Remedy  $7.99
-$2.1 Zicam print coupon
-and $2/1 Zicam coupon from RA Flue Shot book (I've yet to find)
= Out Of Pocket As Low As $3.99
Receive : $7 +up Reward  MM!

* EOS Shave Cream  $2.99
= OOP $2.99
Rec. : $2 +upR

* Mitchum Advanced Control Men's Deodorant $3.99
- $2/1 Rite Aid AdPerk print coupon
= OOP $1.99
Rec. : $2 +upR, and submit for $1 SCR  MM!
Note- I don't think the SCR starts until Weds so hold off on this deal until then.

* Cup of Noodles  3/$0.99  (great donate item)

* This next deal thanks to Hip2Save...
Also, I now have the automatic 10% off.  I've factored that in.  If you do not, you would only need to buy two Bayer Advanced and also just use two of those corresponding coupons to earn the same rewards.

(2) My First Flitstones Vitamins 60ct  $8.49 (BOGO 50% sale)
(2) Flintstones Complete 60ct  $8.79 (BOGO 50% sale)
(3) Bayer Advanced Aspirin 20ct  $3.99 (BOGO 50% sale)
= $33.38
-(4) $2/1 Flintstones coupons 10/23 RP
-(3) $2/1 Bayer coupons 09/11 RP
= OOP $19.38
Rec. : (1) $10 +upR when you buy $30 worth of Bayer products (Flintstones vits are part of the Bayer corporation) and (4) $2 +upR from each Flintstone purchase.  That's a total of $18 +upRewards, y'all!

Notes...This would be a great deal if you have kids or have a ton of +upRewards that you need to roll.  I have not confirmed this deal but it seems like it might be working nation-wide but only through Tuesday from what I can gather.  So as always with unadvertised deals, your mileage may vary. 

* U By Kotex liners  $1
-$1/1 U By Kotex print coupon
= OOP Free!

* Finish dishwasher tabs  $6.49 (BOGO Free sale)
- $1/1 Rite Aid Video Values coupon
- $1/2 Finish coupon 10/23 SS
= OOP $4.49/2 or $2.25 each

I will be sure to show you what I finally decide to do with the +ups that I need to roll.  Is there anything on your list that I missed and should consider?  I was hoping to find more Money Makers that didn't involve SCR/MIR.  I have had mixed luck over the last year with receiving mail in rebates so I now try to avoid them.

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