Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rite Aid Run

Well as expected, Rite Aid was already out of a few items.  Actually, I couldn't find the Neilmed Nasadrops Saline on the Go so I am not sure they even carry that at my store.  And after this purchase, I went up the road to the other Rite Aid (on Hoosick) only to find out they are closing and moving in with the one I was just at, by RPI. 

I could have done this in two transactions to get my out of pocket down a little more I think but I had already circled the store a zillion times (they like to move sale items to new, unrelated endcaps so you have to circle a lot to find items) and was tired of thinking. 

Purchased ...
(1) Blistex Cold and Allergy lip balm  reg. $2.79, sale $1.49
(1) Allergy Buster  reg. $13.99, sale $8
(1) Bounty Basic 8 pack paper towels  reg. $8.49, $6
(2) Cover Girl powder compact  reg. $7.99, sale BOGO 50% off
(2) Cover Girl 3-pan eyeshadow  reg. $5.19, sale BOGO 50% off
(2) Cover Girl 1-pan eyeshadow  reg. $3.39, sale BOGO 50% off

Minus ...
-(1) $2/1 Allergy Buster print coupon
-(1) $1/1 Bounty paper towel coupon
-(3) $8/2 Cover Girl coupon
-(1) $10.50 in last week's +up Rewards

Total value purchased ... $58.41 (before tax)
Paid out of pocket ... $2.83 (before tax)
Percentage saved ... 95%

Earned ... $19.49 + up Rewards
(1) $1.49 +up R from Blistex, (1) $8 +up R from Allergy Buster, (1) $10 +up from purchasing $30 in Covergirl/Olay/Bounty products

I had originally planned to use my three remaining Cover Girl coupons for overage at Walmart.  But I honestly just so dislike Walmart that I don't go all that often.  And for me, there was more value in gaining the $10 +up Reward that came from the combined Cover Girl and Bounty purchase. 

The key is to figure out how to get your total as close as possible to the coupon value.  I have no shame in parking myself with pen, paper and calculator out of the way while I figure out the best combination to get myself the best deal possible.  My cover girl purchase adds up to $24.87 and I had coupons totalling $24.  So for all of that make-up, I paid in total just $0.87 out of pocket (before tax of course).  Some I will keep (the powder) and some I plan to use in Christmas gifts and as a donation.  I can't believe I ever paid for make-up, as I now know we can get it free or gosh darn close to free every month.  Hello, I've seen the light!

And finally, the paper towels are a great example of what all couponers need to learn to do.  Be brand/style flexible.  Bounty is actually my favorite brand but I like the two-ply, plain white, select-a-size.  However those were not on sale.  These were.  And I only have two rolls left in my stock closet.  So look at me.  Embracing one-ply, one size, full of flowers and do dads on my paper towels.  At least for the next eight rolls anyway. 

Are they what I wanted?  Clearly notsomuch.  But will they do the job (mostly serving as napkins at dinner and to wipe down kitchen counters)?  Completely.  I'll live.  Because with the coupons and the combined Cover Girl deal and my previous +up Rewards, that transaction was a BIG money maker for me.

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