Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Entered An Apple Contest

Cutie Pies

If you have a few extra moments, I would greatly appreciate you voting for me and my Cutie Pies.  I have no idea why it's important to me but it is.  I am all over this little contest on my local NBC affiliates website.  I made little pies from scratch in tiny canning jars.  Because isn't everything better when cute and little?  You can vote once a day if you feel so inclined.

A link to the contest is on the right side bar.  See my little cutie pies?  They are crazy delish, y'all!


JulesTX said...

Just voted for you.... Good luck !

Coupon Crocodile said...

Jules- you are such a peach! Thank you!!


Erin said...

I voted for you :-) I love the idea of single serving apple pies - very cool