Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Can See Clearly Now

I can't remember if I ever posted about this tip here or only on my other blog.  Regardless, it's totally worth noting again.

I wear glasses.  And love them. 

I tried, unsuccessfully, to wear contacts.  It took me a full week to finally get them in and they lasted exactly one day.  Total failure on my part. 

But buying a new pair of glasses can get expensive.  Especially if you like to have an extra pair or prescription sunglasses too.

I have the best solution though.  Zenni Optical!  They have prescription glasses as low as $6.95.  Seriously.

Now you do need to have your current prescription handy.  You can get a good deal on that by visiting your local America's Best Eyes center if you need a recommendation.  My advice though is to look at what specific numbers you need to give Zenni Optical first and then make sure you get all of that info when you go get your eyes checked out.  It's easier than calling and dealing with office staff to figure out messy doctor handwriting.

I have been wearing glasses from this website for years now.  I'm wearing this black pair right now as I type actually.  I also have the clip on sunglass feature but to be honest, I don't wear them very often.  It's such a relief to have a back-up pair of glasses too.  Nothing is more frustrating then breaking your pair of glasses and having to pay an outrageous price to get buy a new pair right then and there.

I don't get any sort of prize or kick back for sharing this site with y'all.  I just think it's important to share when we find great deals on normally expensive daily needs.

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