Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good Coupon Karma

So I was back at Target for about 5 minutes yesterday and got a few more things of lotion.  Don't worry, I plan to donate many of them to either friends or a homeless shelter.  I'm not becoming a lotion hoarder.  Though I will admit to keeping a good bit because I really do use a lot of lotion.  And winters in the North Pole Upstate NY are loooong.

But possibly the most fun coupon fairy moment happened while I was in the lotion aisle. 

There was this woman looking at the same lotion and walking away with just one bottle.  I grabbed an extra coupon from my purse and asked if I could give her the coupon.  Then explained that she should buy two and will also get a $5 gift card back.

She.  Was.  ELATED!

It was precious, y'all!  She was just so excited that I was willing to share a coupon and concerned that I might need it.  I explained that I had extras and was so happy to share with her and tell her about the gift card deal.  I saw her as I was going to check out and she again excitedly thanked me.  I gave her exactly one BOGO coupon but you would have thought I bought her a car.  Too fun!

Best coupon moment ever for me. 

Which was good because when I got to check out, life was not quite as easy breezy.  One of the bottles was not in the system and my nice but s l o w cashier was just sooo flustered.  Bless her heart, she was so nice to me and really trying hard.  And in return I was extra sweet to her as to not make this situation more of a mess.  It all worked out but not without several interventions from the manager.  The funny thing is that I really wasn't buying much.  And all my coupons scanned easily.  The glitch was the lotion bar code not being in Target's computer's yet. 

I did two transactions.  Bought the two lotions (the double lotion was the culprit) with the gift card from yesterday.  Then paid for the second transaction in part with the gift card from the first transaction.  After coupons, I paid under $5 for everything you see here.   And have another $5 gift card to use later.

That Market Pantry long grain brown rice is my very favorite rice.  Isn't that funny?  The Target store brand is my favorite.  It's also on sale for just $0.71/bag this week.  I cook two bags at one time and then put portions into zip baggies.  I freeze them to have easy access to quick meals and sides during lazy busy weeks.

The lotion and other Target deals are explained here.

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