Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More Great Deals At Rite Aid

Ah, I love back to love loving Rite Aid lately!  Rite Aid, CVS (because they seem to have the hands down best staff and they are all about coupon-knowledge), Target and Price Chopper are definitely my stores.  If I find some great deal (games or baby formula to name a few....and there are very few...just to be clear), I will go to Walmart.  But after horror story after horror story at Walgreens and not a single reply from their corporate office about my repeated complaints, I vow to not shop there.  I was tempted last week with the great toilet paper deal but then sanity got the better of me.  Just say not to Walgreens is my motto!

But anyway, I got off track there.  A mini tangent.  My point is that Rite Aid is my best drug store friend lately.  Their great deals matched with coupons are just so much fun.

The Neil Med still eludes me (the funny thing is that I really do want this product for myself- not just because it will be free after the +up Reward- I have terrible allergies and would like to use it- if only I could find it. Ha.) but I am giving up after going to three (though only two were open) stores.  However, I finally found the Veet and was able to use a rain check for my new favorite line of lotion and soap (thanks Sheila for turning me on to this stuff!). 

The manager was NOT happy about the rain check.  Well, it was from a different store and he was upset at how that person wrote it out.  How that is my fault I do not know, but he was a very grumpy guss.  He was also about 85 so I let it go.  I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was right and not cheating the store in any way.  As I was leaving he was grumbling that he was going to call the other store because he didn't believe I should be getting things at that price.  I said he could look back at an add from 3 weeks ago because it was all in there. 

So that brings me to my point.  When you get a rain check for something, be sure to keep the store circular ad until you use that rain check.  I could have saved myself an ordeal had I just kept the ad with me to prove to the grumpy manager that everything I bought was in fact included in their sale.  Not only was it verbalized in the ad but there was a photo too.  You know how much store clearks love photos.

Is the Veet on sale?  It doesn't state "sale" on my receipt but rang up at $4.04 and stated the regular price as $4.49.  Which means that after the $4 in coupons, it was just $0.04 and then produced a $1 +up Reward.  Interesting.  I've never used this product but assume I can try using it on an area other than my face, where I don't actually need it.  We'll see...

OK so in the end, he did let me have everything as I planned, so Rite Aid still remains my bestie.  Want to see what I scored?  I knew you would.  The soaps are all going to be Christmas gifts.  I would keep every last one for myself but there's that bit about giving being better than receiving and all that jazz.  Plus I have several lotions (I am addicted to the lemon and peppermint like nobody's business) that I am keeping so it's all peachy in the end.

Purchased ...
(1) Revlon Emery Boards  reg. $1.25, sale $0.75
(1) Veet Face Wax Strips  reg. $4.49, sale $4.04 *not sure if this is regional?
(1) JR Watkins Head 2 Toe Lotion Kit  reg. $13.99, sale $1.50 *Rain check
(3) JR Watkins Soap  reg. $4.99, sale $1.50 *Rain check

Minus ...
-(1) $2/1 Veet in ad Rite Aid circular coupon
-(1) $2/1 Veet print coupon
-(4) $1/1 JR Watkins peelie coupons
-(1) $1.49 +up Reward from yesterday

Total value purchased ... $34.70 (before tax)
Paid out of pocket ... $1.30 (before tax)
Percentage saved ... 96%

Earned ... (1) $1 +up R from Veet and (1) $2 +up R from Revlon

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Christine said...


$4.04 is the price after a 10% discount on $4.49. Check your receipt--do you have more than 500 points? If so, you get a 10% discount on (almost) everything in the store. Unless it is on sale for more than 10% off--then you just get the sale price.

Oh, and I'm with you on Walgreens. It's not just that I mess up every time, it's also that I always spend more than I thought I would and it's suddenly not a good deal anymore.