Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Feta Cheese From The Dollar Tree

There is a one Dollar Tree store sort of near me (East Greenbush) that has a row of fridge and freezer cases in the back.  And sometimes they have feta cheese (my favorite).  They've not had any in at least six months but I was over that way running errands today and they were back in stock.  Albeit a different brand (they used to carry the same brand as Price Chopper) and a smaller size.  I still think $1 for a 2 oz pack of feta is a good deal. 

For those wondering why I bought eight, it's because I freeze them.  When you find a good deal, buy many and freeze until you need it.  Cheese freezes great so I am never worried about it tasting funny later.  I use feta in salads, pasta dishes and in spinach feta omelets (which I eat a few times a month I must admit).

The Dollar Tree is also a great resource for cheap prices on spices.  I ran out of onion powder last weekend so this was prefect timing.

I don't buy much at dollar stores but sometimes you just hit the bargain jack-pot. 

Other things I try to get at the Dollar Tree are....
* Minced garlic
* Tortillas (before I stopped eating gluten)
* Chicken stock

This is sort of my dirty little secret.  I don't know why I have no shame in using coupons but shopping at the Dollar Tree feels seedy.  But it does- ha.  So shhhh...don't tell anyone!

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