Thursday, October 13, 2011

Amazing Deals On Tutus and Little Girl Gifts

If there are little girls in your life, you will want to rush over to Halo Heaven's closeout page to take advantage of their crazy deals.  I ordered 12 items for just $20.50 (includes shipping).  I plan to use a few as gifts and then I will save the rest for donate items. 

Here's the deal...
* So go HERE and put at least $24 worth of product in your shopping cart.  It's easy as they have sooo many cute things.
* Once your order hits $20, you will automatically earn free shipping.  I actually got a giggle when I noticed that if I bought $19 worth of product, it was much more expensive than when I bought $25 worth of product. 
* But there is also a code, spooky, for an additional 15% off.  That's why you need to hit that $24 mark- so that after the discount you still keep the free shipping.

Make sense?  Email if you need help but I found it pretty easy to do.  Happy girly shopping!

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