Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bread Deals

I can't actually eat regular bread but I do the shopping for my dad too and he goes through bread like nobody's business.  But is also very particular about bread.  He could go the rest of his life eating Freihofer's Oat Nut bread I do believe.  Which runs nearly $4 a loaf at Price Chopper. 

Now I usually stock up when they have their buy one, get two free sale but this last sale, the Oat Nut wasn't included.  Drats.  And as I absolutely refuse to pay full price for something that I know does eventually go on sale, I figured out the next best thing.

I happened to notice the Hostess outlet over near K-mart on Old Route Whatevernuberthatis.  2 or 7?  I don't know.  By Kmart and Grace Bible.  I ran in to see what it was all about and found out that they have rockin' deals on bread. 

I went in for the second time this week and found this flavor that dad announced he really likes, over on a sale shelf.  It normally run $1.99/loaf.  A good deal as it is very close to the Oat Nut bread.  But the expiration date on this is quickly approaching so they were marked down to just $1.09/loaf.  I bought all four and popped 3 in his freezer.  For four loaves of oat bread, I paid just $4.36!

If you like Archer Farms (Target) bread, it turns out Hostess is their baker.  So that stuff is in there too.

I really need to check out the Freihofer's outlet as that's what he prefers but I never think of it when I am over that way.  Have y'all had luck in there?

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