Saturday, May 5, 2012


Like so many times before, my weekly shopping plans at CVS didn't work out.  It happens at nearly every store, every week.  Ha.  I didn't get any of the CVS red machine coupons that others were getting.  So the ONLY thing I picked up there this week was one One Touch Ultra Mini.  And even that was iffy.  The coupon wouldn't scan.  I've come to realize that the folks who design coupons (both printed and from the newspaper), often put the two bar codes too close together.  So the scanners have trouble reading them all jumbled up close like that.  But thanks to my calm request to please call a manager (oooh she was ticked though...she wanted me to leave without using that ole coupon...fat chance!), I left with this baby completely free!

I have zero need for it but know that others do.  So into the donate box it went.

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