Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Awesome Price Chopper Week In Review

This has been a BIG shopping week for many of us.  Price Chopper did not disappoint!  Summer sales are on and I'm loving it.  I picked up ice cream, cleaning products, meats, veggies and more.  And there is still time.  I started my week with a goal to not only shop wisely for items I needed but to also elaborate practical ways to use the best Price Chopper deals in your every day life.  So let's talk first about my favorite items on sale this week.

Details Listed Here

* (1) Seedless Watermelon  reg. $4.99, sale $2.99
- (1) $2/1 Watermelon Hannaford coupon
= OOP $0.99
~ Saved 80%

* (1) Strawberries  reg. $2.99
- (1) $1/1 lb Hannaford coupon (thru 5/24)
 = OOP $1.99

* Iceberg or Romain Lettuce  sale $1

* Bananas  sale $0.49/lb

* (1) Vidallia Onions 5lb.  sale $4.99
- (1) $0.50/1 Vidallia Onions print coupon
= OOP $3.99

* (1) Wholly Salsa  sale $2
- (1) $1.50/1 Wholly Salsa
= OOP $0.50

* (2) Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops  B1G1 Free
~ Saved 50%

* (2) Boneless Pork Country Style Ribs B1G1 Free
~ Saved 50%

* Boneless, skinless chicken breast  sale $1.99/lb
- (1) $2/$10 any fresh meat purchase

* Crab Classic Flake Style Crab meat  sale $2.50
- $0.50/1 Crab Classic
= OOP $1.50

* (5) Oscar Mayer Deli Meat 2oz pack  sale $1
= OOP $5
+ Earn $4 OYNO Catalina

* (1) Swiss Premium Iced Tea or Lemonade  sale $1.50
- (1) $0.55/1 Swiss Premium SS 5/20 (R)
= OOP $0.40

* (1) Slimfast Shakes 4-pack  reg. $6.49, sale $5
- (1) $1.50/1 Slimfast Shakes RP 5/20
- (1) $0.75/1 Slimfast Target coupon (should not double, mine did)
= OOP $2.75 without double, $2 with double
~ Saved 58% without double, 69% with double

* (4) Suave Lotion  sale $2.50/ea
- (2) BOGO Free RP 5/20
- (1) $2/$5.99 iSave machine coupon
= OOP $3/4 bottles of lotion or just $0.75/ea

* (1) Suave Body Wash  sale $1.88
- (1) $0.50/1 Suave Body Wash
= OOP $0.88/ea

* (1) Clorox Wipes  reg. $2.99, sale $2
- (1) $0.50/1 Clorox Wipes Dollar General Coupon (should not double, mine did)
= OOP $1.50 without double, $1 with double
~ Saved 50% without double, 67% with double

* (1) Glad Force Flex Trash Bags 25-80 ct.  sale $7.49
- (1) $1.85 Glad Force Flex
= OOP $5.64 ($0.07/bag if you purchase 80 ct.)

* (2) Ocean Spray Juice Drinks  reg. $3.29, sale $2.50
- (1) Buy any Ocean Spray Cranberry juice, get Ocean Spray Cherry juice FREE
- (1) $1/$4 or more juice purchase Catalina
= OOP $1.50/2 or just $0.75/ea (without Cat it is still an awesome deal)
~ Saved 77% with Cat, 62% without Cat

* (4) Coke 2L  sale 4/$4 with in ad coupon
- (4) $0.99/1 Coke coupon
= OOP Free!

* (5) Polar Seltzer 12-pack  sale 5/$12 with in ad coupon
- (1) in ad coupon
- (2) $1/2 Polar Seltzer 12-packs RP 5/20
= OOP $10/5 packs or just $2/each

* (3) Lays Potato Chips  reg. $4.29, sale $3.29
- (1) in ad coupon 3/$6
= OOP $6/3 bags or just $2/ea
~ Saved 53%

* (1) Hellman's Real Mayo 22-30 oz  reg. $2.99, sale $2
- (1) in ad coupon (must spend min $15 and limit 1)
- (1) $1/1 Hellman's RP 5/20
= Out Of Pocket $1
~ Saved 66%

* (2) Kikoman marinade  reg. $3.48, sale $2.61
- (2) $2/1 Kikoman marinade
= OOP $0.61/ea
~ Saved 82%
+ Earned $1 OYNO Catalina from purchase of two

* (1) Jello Temptations or Mousse  sale $2.50
- (1) $0.90/1 print coupon (nla)
= OOP $0.70

* (1) Luigi's Italian Ice  sale $2
- (1) $0.75/1 Luigi's Italian Ice RP 5/13
= OOP $0.50

* (2) Breyer's Ice Cream  reg.$4.29, sale $2 (limit 2)
- (2) $0.75/1 Breyer's Blasts
= OOP $0.50/each
~ Saved 88%

* (2) Milky Way candy bars  reg. $0.99, sale $0.79
- (1) $0.75/2 Milky Way candy bars
= OOP $0.08/2 or just $0.04/ea

* (2) Dove Chocolate Singles Bar  reg. $0.99, sale $0.79
- (1) $0.50/2 Dove Chocolate Singles
= OOP $0.58/2 or just $0.29/ea
~ Saved 71%

With these awesome sales, plus a few from last week and some staples from the pantry, I was able to make SIX yummy dinners in five nights this week, too.  Several are even freezer meals- to enjoy later when you are too busy to cook.

On Monday, I cooked up a big package of chicken breasts to make a very yummy dinner of Chicken Mojo as dinner #1.  A BIG crowd pleaser!!  This was step one in a week of dinners, as I pre-cooked a week's worth of chicken at one time.  Better yet, I used the crockpot as to not add any extra heat into the house!

On Tuesday, I use some of the leftover Chicken Mojo and great produce sales such as $1 lettuce from Price Chopper to make my version of PF Chang's Lettuce Wraps as dinner #2.  Ooooh they are so tasty.

On Wednesday I used the two packs of BOGO free boneless pork ribs (one of my very favorite meat sales that PChop does from time to time) to make BBQ Pork Ribs for dinner #3.  A classic any time of year.  A simple potato "baked" in the microwave and a yummy salad make this a "stick to your ribs" meal.  Very satisfying!   

On Thursday I made my first of three freezer meals for the week, Sweet and Sour Chicken as dinner #4.  Once again using some of the Chicken Mojo cooked on Monday.  The gift (or bird) that keeps on giving.  This is the perfect meal for a busy night when you want to eat something tasty, healthy and easy peasy lemon squeezy.  The prep for this meal took less than five minutes! 

And on Friday, I made my third and fourth freezer meals of the week, Cheesy Chicken and Rice as dinners #5 and #6 for the week.  They were the same meal but I made one to eat that night and one to freeze.  Or two to freeze.  This used up the very last of the Chicken Mojo from Monday night.  Not one skinny bit went to waste, but every nibble was incredibly tasty.

And today, Saturday, I am going to offer you one more meal prep tip for the week.  You know those yummy freezer meals that I made this week?  Those make awesome gifts!  Great to give to a sick relative or friend or someone who just had a baby.  Great to give to a friend who is under a lot of life stress, too. It is so easy for you to make them ahead of time and gift as needed.  Because while a scented candle is lovely, nothing says I love you like a home cooked meal!

How much fun to prepare once (chicken, onions, rice) and use many times over the week!  The key is to have a PLAN.

I pay close attention to Price Chopper sales ads, manufacturer coupons, Price Chopper coupons, Catalina deals (this is my weak spot but I am learning to be better at them) and what I already have in my pantry to make the most of my grocery budget each week.  Planning ahead to stockpile the best deals is another budget saver.  For example, this week I will pick up a few of the chicken packs, Polar Springs 12-packs, Clorox wipes, Suave lotion, Breyer's ice cream, pork ribs, mayo and Kikoman marinades for my stockpile.  I clearly do not need everything this very week, but these are all items I love to use throughout the summer months. 

I also took the time on Sunday to plan out my dinners for the week, based on the protein and veggie sales.  Not only does this save your budget, but it also saves you time and most important with summer approaching...calories.  Look again at all of the meals I just made this week.  Click on the links to see each ingredient.  Those are really healthy meals, y'all!  Not just a bunch of junk to fill you up.  I made six healthy, gluten free meals, to feed 4-6 people, using one package of chicken and two packages of pork ribs.

It is so worth the extra time it takes to plan on Sunday knowing it will save me time, money, energy and calories throughout the remainder of the week.

So tell me, what was your favorite purchase from Price Chopper this week?

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