Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oh Target, How I Love Thee!

Oh Target, how I love thee!

I have had coupon for $10/1 Food Saver for weeks now but Target has been sold out.  They expired today so I asked if I could use the coupons on these things.  They said yes.  They were $9.99 so FREE after coupons!

I had four $2/1 Revlon Beauty tool coupons.  I need a new pair of tweezers and an eyelash curler so this is perfect timing.  Those cool blue polka dot tweezers were listed as $1.89.  Score!  Picked up a second pair (why is a single tweezing device called a pair?) because I tend to lose these things and free is fabulous.  However after paying, I realized they rang up a $6.99.  Uh-oh!  I went to Customer Service to either price adjust or return them altogether.  They were so nice to me!  The reps went to check to find that these were in fact all on the wrong rack.  So they moved them to the correct price and then sold them to me at the lower price - so refunded the difference.  I didn't ask them to do that and though it was such great, positive customer service!

I LOVE this Elf mineral blemish powder.  Online, it's $8, before shipping.  Which is honestly a very good price.  But there was one lonely package on the clearance rack for $4.25.  I've been out for a while and have not purchased because I hate paying shipping.  So this was a SCORE for me today!

Target Ibuprofen, 24 count, is regularly priced at $0.97.  You can find it in both the travel aisle and the regular pain relief aisle.  Use the $1/1 Target Ibuprofen coupon to get it for FREE!  Print this coupon quickly though as I anticipate it disappearing soon.

And finally, the most fun purchase that was regularly priced and has no coupons.  Ten colorful s'mores sticks at just $1/each from the front $1 section.  For the kids in the family this Christmas (and a few friends), I plan to give them a s'mores stick, homemade marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers.  I promise to post this in more detail in December.  I'm just super excited about having 10 Christmas gifts already figured out!

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Beth F. said...

How much were the s'more sticks. My Mother-in-law is in need of some new ones and those would be perfect (we broke the last one cooking hot dogs over Mother's Day weekend)