Monday, May 21, 2012

My Challenge This Week

I'm taking on a fun challenge this week.  Not only am I doing my normal shopping, but I am also going to post dinner recipes each night this week to show you how easy it can be to apply some great grocery deals into your everyday life. 

I hear over and over from friends that they don't use coupons because coupons only exist for foods they don't eat and foods that aren't healthy.  But those of us who do use coupons know that is just not at all true.  Between great store sales and coupons and some pre-planning, there are lots of savings that can be found at your local grocery stores.  My focus this week is using Price Chopper but you can very easily apply this to any local market. 

So first things first...I look at the sales flyer that Price Chopper includes in my Sunday newspaper.  I also read other blogs, check out the Price Chopper website and PC Facebook pages.  In regards to meal planning, I figure out what proteins are the best deal that week.  Because unless it is a protein specified holiday (turkey on Thanksgiving and ham on Easter), I can make most things work in my home.  I don't eat beef but that's never an issue as big stores offer several protein sales each week.

After I figure out the meats I will be working with, I start to plan my meals.  I really only plan dinners though.  For breakfast I eat whateversonhand.  Meaning banana or oatmeal or smoothie or cereal.  And for lunch it's similar- whateversonhand.  Which could include last night's leftovers. 

This week I will be basing my dinner meals and even a few prepare ahead of time freezer meals using Price Chopper's chicken ($1.99/lb) and pork ribs (B1G1 FREE).

I promise that if nothing else, this will be a super tasty week with some fun meal ideas!  Stay tuned...

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