Sunday, May 13, 2012

Stocked Up On Toilet Tissue and Bananas At Price Chopper This Week

There were some great deals at Price Chopper this week!  As I waited until late Saturday evening to actually do this shopping trip, the deals are now over.  But I want to note a few of the highlights and my overall savings.

(1) Jr. Bananas*  reg. $1.29, $99 with coupon from pharmacy counter

(2) Angel Soft Bath Tissue 12 double rolls  reg. $7.99, sale $5
- (1) $1/2 Angel Soft  3/25 RP
- (1) $2/2 PC isave
- (1) $1.50/any $6 toilet tissue purchase Catalina
= OOP $5.50/2 packs or just $2.75/pack or just $0.25/double roll or just $0.12/single roll
~ Saved ... 66%

(1) Roll Price Chopper paper towels  reg. $1.50
- (1) FREE any PC paper towel catalina

I also used the $5/$25 coupon from Dollar General.  This was my first time remembering to use this one so I was pretty excited!  And I used the $2/$10 produce PC coupon.  Both of those really helped! 

In total, here is how I did...

Total value purchased ... $45.52
Paid out of pocket ... $20.71
Percentage saved ... 54%

* I am completely, morally against buying things like bananas in plastic bags.  This has to be the dumbest packaging idea ever.  Because hello, things like bananas come pre-packaged.  It's called a peel.  However, I swallowed my own standards to get the cheapo bananas.  But please know, this was my first time buying the ridiculously pre-packaged bananas. 

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