Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nivea Money Maker At Target

I popped into Target yesterday too for brown rice.  This is honestly my very favorite brand of rice.  So yummy.  And at just $0.79/bag, it's crazy cheap.  Cooked, a bag makes 10 cups.  Each cup is just $0.08.  Talk about frugal!!

I cook two bags at a time.  I've mentioned it a few times but it's worth noting again.  I think those who cook a few cups of rice at a time are just silly.  What a waste of your valuable time.  Cook two bags.  Once cooled, divvy up into zip top baggies and freeze.  Simply defrost in fridge or microwave for pre-cooked rice any night of the week.  This has saved me so many times when I have a tummy ache (ditto on the dog).

I also tested out the Nivea deal.  Buy 3 participating products, totaling $5 or more, and earn a $5 Target gift card.

(2) Nivea Creme tins  reg. $0.97, sale $0.87
(1) Nivea 1.7 oz  reg. $3.59

- (2)* $2/1 Nivea lotion 5/6

= OOP $1.33

Total value purchased ... $5.53
Paid out of pocket ... $1.33
Percentage saved ... 76%
Earned ... $5 Target Gift Card

Also, this is the first time I've purchased those creme tins and I am in LOVE.  They are fantastic.  I get such dry hands and that stuff is much thicker than regular lotion.  Sort of in between a lotion and a body butter.  So this turned out to be a total winner of a deal for me!

* OK I should not have been able to use two coupons.  I pulled them out and realized as much so started to put the second coupon back in my wallet.  The cashier saw me and said she thought I could use a second coupon.  I let her try and it didn't beep.  However, after I got home I double checked and the coupons do in fact read that they are to be used on 1.7 oz or larger.  Even with only using one coupon, this is still a Money Maker and you will save 40%.

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