Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Loving Shop Rite

On Saturday, I finally made my way into a Shop Rite.  The brand new one in Albany.  And I really loved it!

Unfortunately, I have an issue with crowds.  As in, I don't like them.  Not only was it a Saturday, but it was also the grand opening.  And the store seemed to have every person from their corporate office there too.  Which I am sure had a purpose.  But I must say that from a customer perspective, it was cumbersome.  Because they were very obvious as they were all in suits.  And IN THE WAY.  Target does that all the time too at the Latham store.  I see corporate peeps in that store all the time and they are always having team meetings in the middle of aisles.  And never move the the side for cart pushing customers.  But I digress...

So I felt overwhelmed with the crowds.  But I did snap one photo of the most glorious aisle I have ever seen in a grocery store.  Ever!  In any city.  Ever.

Do you know why I love this photo?  It is a photo of about half of the gluten free aisle.  As in there is more to their GF section that you can't see.  It's AMAZING!  They had brands I've only seen online.  They had brands I've never seen.  They had all my favorites.  And I will be back for sure for this section alone!  It was glorious!

I will go back for sure.  Not every week as it's not really close to me.  But now that we get the sales flyers in the Sunday paper, I will be sure to keep my eyes open for great deals. 

Welcome to the Capital Region, Shop Rite!  We're all so happy you are here in a big way!!

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Pretty Personal Gifts said...

I haven't made it over there yet but I'm going to. Nice that they have GF a section!