Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Free Money Just For Looking Down

So I was walking into Price Chopper on Monday and look what I spied with my little eye!  Catalina coupons that someone dropped.  $1.50 off my next order when I laundry purchase at least $1.50.  And $1.50 off my next bath tissue purchase of $6 or more.

But it gets better because on the way out I found these!   $1.50 off a produce purchase of at least $7.  $1 off two Lean Cuisine.  $1.50 off one Post Grape Nuts.  FREE Price Chopper Paper Towels single roll up to 1.89 with purchase of $10 or more.  And $3 off purchase of $45 or more.

All of that just because I looked down!  How do you like them apples, y'all?!

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