Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Final Round With Price Chopper Triple Coupons

One final trip to Price Chopper to use my triple coupons.  I picked up the 5/$12 Polar Seltzer.  I LOVE this stuff!  So refreshing on a hot day.  Add a splash of vodka and it's rather delish on a hot night too!

I've never used Xtra detergent.  However my store was out last week.  So I had two rain checks for the $0.99 store coupons.  I was also able to use $1/2 coupon and then on top of that had a catalina coupon (found) for $1.50/$6 or more in laundry products.  Do the it or not that detergent was coming home with me!  If I don't like it I can always donate it.

I used my triple coupons on the Wholly Guacamole reg. $2.99, $1/1 coupon plus triple means it was FREE.  And the Simply Orange juice reg. $3.79, $1/1 coupon plus triple means it was just $0.79.  Hello awesome sauce!

I had coupons and catalinas that I made work like nobody's business!  Want to know my final numbers?

Total value purchased ... $67.07
Paid out of pocket ... $20.07
Percentage saved ...70%

Oh and as a bonus, sitting in a basket above the catalina machine that only ever gives me a coupon for a dumb oil change, were someone else's two unwanted cats.  One for $1 off a produce purchase of $4 or more.  And a second for yet another FREE Price Chopper roll of paper towels valued up to $1.89.  I have no idea what produced those free paper towel coupons but to date, I have found three of them discarded.  It's like coupon serendipity.

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