Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shopping At Price Chopper Round 1

This week will be a two shop week for me at Price Chopper.  This trip at the start of the week and another one to take advantage of the special sales on the 25th.  This wasn't an inexpensive shopping trip but I got a lot of protein and produce.  I am working on stocking up on ready to go freezer meals.  Some I will show you this week and a few more next week.  I'm excited to share ideas to save everyone time, energy and money but still put yummy and healthy meals on your family table.


* 2 Boneless pork ribs  sale BOGO Free- so 2 for $6.59
~ saved 50%

* Boneless, skinless chicken breasts @1.99 lb

* Strawberries  reg. $2.99
- $1/1 strawberries Hannaford coupon
= OOP $1.99
~ saved 33%

* Iceberg Lettuce  sale $1

* 3 Russet potatoes  @$1.49 lb

* 1 Green bell pepper  @$2.49 lb

* Dole Asian salad mix  reg. $3.99, sale $2.99

* Clorox Wipes***  reg. $2.99, sale $2
- $0.50/1 coupon
= OOP $1
~ saved 67%

* Clorox bleach  reg. $2.49
- Free with PC machine coupon
= OOP Free
~ saved 100%

* Price Chopper soy sauce  reg. $1.50

* Price Chopper peach/pineapple salsa  reg. $2.29. sale $2

* Ocean Spray Cran Raspberry Juice and Ocean Spray Cherry Juice  reg. 3.29/ea, sale $2.50/ea
- Free OS Cherry when you buy OS any cranberry juice
= OOP $2.50/2 or $1.25/ea
~ saved 62%

* Price Chopper paper towel  reg. $1.50
- Free catalina found two weeks ago
= OOP Free!
~ saved 100% just by looking down

* Price Chopper chunk pineapple  reg. $1.39

* Sun Lock Bamboo shoots  reg. $1.69

* Glad Zip Freezer Bag  reg. $3.89, sale $2.50
~ saved 36% without coupons

* (4) Milky Way candy bar  reg. $0.99, sale $0.79
- (2) $0.75/2 Milky Way coupon
= OOP $0.16/4 or just $0.04/ea!
~ saved 96%

* (3) Lays Chips  reg. $4.29, sale $3.29
- (1) 3/$6 in ad coupon
= OOP $6/3 or $2/ea
~ saved 54% and stocked up

Total value purchased ... $77.41
Paid out of pocket ... $41.74
Percentage saved ... 46%

In reality, I might not normally buy all of these things this week.  However, my goal is to purchase the majority of the items needed to make my five big dinner recipes this week.  So I purchased items like the pineapple at full price even though I have a can in the pantry. 

*** OK you can't do what I did because I did this wrong.  I think.  I could not figure out the PC machine coupon.  I said something about a 20 pack of Clorox.  I asked an employee, after I went up and down that aisle three full times, if they meant these wipes and they said sure, but I could tell he didn't really know either.  I asked the cashier and since no beeps happened, we both assumed yes.  But after doing some online searching, I think the coupon intended for the bleach to be free after the purchase of a 20 pack of Clorox laundry tabs.  So this was an honest mistake but a mistake nonetheless.  I think.

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