Saturday, April 2, 2011

98% Saved At Rite Aid

I had Register Rewards at Rite Aid that were expiring today.  But there weren't any deals I really wanted this week at Rite Aid.  So I decided to make sure they didn't expire and put them towards something I use daily but never find at a real steal of a price.  Peanut butter.  This was by far my most successful coupon shopping trip!

I finally figured out how to really get the biggest bang for my Register Reward bucks, my friends!  And I want to share in case there are other newbies who are just figuring things out too.  It's really a very basic theory.  Never show your full hand.  So I put all of my purchases up on the counter.  Then I pulled out my Register Rewards ONLY.  Not showing or mentioning that I also have coupons.  Because if you show the cashier your coupons, they will insist on scanning those first.  And it will work against you in the end.  So ONLY show your Register Rewards.  Have the cashier ring them all up.  T H E N pull out your coupons that you plan to use.  I also had a Register Reward for 10% off my entire order.  I made sure to give that to the cashier very first.  Then my Register Rewards.  And LAST my coupons.  Here are my crazy amazing results....

(2) Jiff Extra Crunch Peanut Butter  $3.29
(1) Snickers Almonds  $0.88
(2) Honey Roasted Peanuts  2/$1 or $0.59 each
(14) Trident Vitality Gum  $1.29 

(1) 10% off total purchase coupon
(7) $1 Register Rewards
(1) $0.50/1 Trident Vitality Gum RA Video coupon
(7) BOGO FREE Trident Vitality in store sale
(7) BOGO FREE Trident Vitality manufacturer coupon

$26.52  Total before store sales, RR and coupons.
$0.58  Total I paid out of pocket.
98%  Total saved!!

I actually had to buy the Snickers and peanuts in order to use all of my Register Rewards because of the 10% off coupon and the gum being totally free between the store BOGO sale and my BOGO coupons.  Isn't that crazy?!! 

Between this crazy coupon win and my BUTLER BULLDOGS heading to the National Championship game...I am on high!  Best.  Night.  Ever!

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Sunshine and Summertime said...

Wow you are good!! I made a Walgreens trip tonight and ended up saving $27.70 (48%)...not too shabby but I'm not nearly as good as you are! Any tips?