Friday, April 15, 2011

Rite Aid Body Wash Money Maker

I ran up to Rite Aid tonight to take advantage of a few sales.  And even though my total seems high, stick with me while I convince you I did really really well!

First let me note that my father asked me to pick up some vitamins for him a few weeks ago.  But I never came across a really great deal.  I'm sure they were out there but I just never made the connection.  I felt badly about taking this long and he said he would just pick them up himself.  But hello, when I became a crazy coupon-aholic on Jan. 01, I took an oath to never (or rarely) pay retail!!  Tehe!  They are currently producing a $10 + up Reward when you spend $20 or more.

Next let me explain that I have no use for the men's body wash myself.  It went directly into my donation box after the terrible blackberry photo op.  But it was a big money maker for me.  So home it came.  I don't always take advantage of those deals but tonight I did.  The deal that is still going on through Saturday is that if you buy one Old Spice body wash, you will receive one $2 +up Reward.  Limit is 2 on this deal.

I have at least four full size and four travel size deodorants in stock at the moment.  But I forgot that I used to love this brand.  In the end, they were only $0.34/each.  Did I need it?  Not really.  So if you know me in real life and need one, tell me and I will gladly share.  But at @ $0.34, it's a great deal.  And now I have six.  They are not going to spoil.  I will use them.  And as I said, I will of course share too.

The Salonpas patch was a purchase with a purpose.  Though, aren't all of our coupon purchases that way?  You see, months ago I printed off (no longer available) two $3 off any size coupons.  One I used a while back but I had this last coupon in my binder for such an occasion when my out of pocket was going to be higher than I normally like to spend.  I made more than $1 as there was a good bit of overage.

And...not so long ago I received a coupon at the bottom of my receipt for 10% and another for 20% off my purchase.  I used the 20% a week or so ago but used the 10% tonight.  So everything not on sale already went down by 10%.  The cashier was weird about me using this coupon (the first coupon I gave her too- I was worried how this would all play out!) but it was fine in the end.

The gum was a money maker too.  And the FREE coupon came from some random magazine.  I think my trashy fix, OK.  That I get for free from some deal I found six months ago.

So here's what I purchased...

(2) Old Spice Body Wash  reg. $4.99, on sale for $2.99
(1) Nature Made Fish Oil  reg. $23.99
(1) Orbit gum  reg. $1.29
(2) Mitchum women's deodorant  reg. $3.99
(1) Salonpas heat patch  reg. $1.99


-(1) 10% off all non-sale items
-(1) $3/$15 purchase from taking the survey that prints at the bottom of receipts
-(1) $1 off Rite Aid Video Vault coupon
-(1) $1.50/1 Nature Made Rite Aid Video Vault coupon
-(1) FREE Orbit Gum
-(1) $0.25/1 Orbit Gum Rite Aid Video Vault coupon
-(1) $5/2 Mitchum deodorant from Rite Aid website
-(2) $0.75/1 Mitchum manufacturer coupons
-(1) Buy one get one FREE Gillette or Old Spice Body Wash manufacturer coupon
-(1) $1/1 Old Spice Body Wash manufacturer coupon
-(1) $3/1 ANY size Salonpas

Total value of items purchased ... $45.23
Total paid out of pocket ... $18.20
Percentage Saved ... 60%

BUT I earned ... $14 in + up Rewards and a $3/$15 survey coupon.  Percentage wise, it was not a great trip.  But I will absolutely use the + up Rewards next week.  And my total paid was still less than buying the vitamins at full price.

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