Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Saved But Not Easily

Oh are just so flippin' complicated!  We are back on the "outs" and barely on speaking terms.  Again because of manager Rob not wanting to do his job.  Which includes but is not limited to: ringing up customers, marking down coupons, reading the cash register, and doing anything even remotely considered helpful.  In fact, Rob's only answer is that he can't or won't do anything.  He does love to stand around when cashiers need help or customers are 12 deep in line and instead shoot the breeze with his buddies.  Every time I am there.  Annoying. 

Another annoying aspect to today's trip is that the store was out of everything I wanted.  I went there specifically for about four items.  And Rob refused to even write me Rain Checks!  Calling corporate shortly on that.  I mean, I get that I went on a Wednesday so I chance things being in stock.  But I should be able to get a Rain Check, right?  Not according to Rob.

Unfortunately I needed to buy something as my Register Rewards were expiring.  And this is the only semi-close Walgreens so I had to make something work.  Of what was purchased, the only thing on my list was the face medicine.  I do not need the Oxi stuff but I will certainly use it eventually.  The price after coupons though came to just $0.50/each.  That's awesome.  And I've decided I don't even really like that toothpaste but I wanted to roll my Rewards.  When you use the manu coupon, it's actually a small profit.  Oh and this was done in two transactions because one of my Rewards that I wanted to use was from the Luster toothpaste last week.  As I planned to get the Reward again today, I needed to make sure NOT to pay for this toothpaste with the RR from last week's toothpaste. 

OK I have somehow misplaced my first receipt.  So I am just going to guess.  I know what I paid within a nickle or two and will just guesstimate.  Sorry.

(1) Luster White Toothpaste  reg. $7.99, sale $4.99
(1) Clean and Clear face stuff  reg. $6.99
(1) Caramel to bump up my pre-coupon total  reg. $0.39
(2) Dove body wash  reg. $4??, sale $2
(8) Oxi Clean Max Force  reg. 2/$5

(1) $1.50/1 Luster White Toothpaste manu Q
(1) $1/1 Clean and Clear manu Q
(1) $3/2 Dove bodywash print Q
(4) $1/2 Oxi Clean from in store April Walgreens Coupon Book Q (does not count against your coupon to item ratio)
(4) $3/2 Oxi Clean many Q
$15 Register Rewards (I only factor these in to my totals when I actually use them!)

(1) of the $3/1 Oxi Clean coupons had to be marked down to $2.45
(1) Clean and Clear coupon had to be marked down to $0.99

Total (approx) value purchased ... $46
Paid out of pocket ... $3.50
Percentage saved ... 92%
Earned ... $4 RR from the Luster White

I think I actually should have saved more but it was a hot mess at checkout.  You win some and lose some and I had already spent too much time and energy in this store.  The only thing I had planned to buy was the Clean and Clear, which even after my coupon would have cost me $5.99.

Honestly, if my Rewards weren't expiring and I didn't have do many, I would have left.  Walgreens is just too big of a headache.  I'm all about Rite Aid and Target whenever possible!

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Jayna Rae said...

Oh boy!!!!! I think that you should just document, oh wait you are via your blog, and send your posts to corporate. I am sure that they will love you, or actually ROB, for giving them such a friendly name. I am glad that you still did pretty well in the end. Who am I kidding? You did WAY better than I ever have. Good work.

PS-were there ads in last Sundays paper? I got my first paper and there was 1 tiny Target ad and a Rite aid ad. That's it. My mother-in-law said that hers was the same way and she always gets the paper.