Monday, April 25, 2011

Searching For Savings

This may be stating the obvious but don't overlook doing a quick Swagbucks search before ordering things online to see if there is a better price elsewhere.  There are so many secondary stores these days that often sell brand name items. 

The other day I was ordering a large quantity of items from American Apparel.  The price was just astronomical!  But the last time I ordered this item, they did in fact have the least expensive price.  I did a quick search and ended up finding my needed item on sale at Amazon for less than half the price.  Now last time, Amazon was more expensive so that is not the end all answer.  But this time, it saved me big BIG buckaroos!

A quick Swagbucks search saved me 60%!  Plus I won a few Swagbucks for doing the search too- bonus!  And if you are not signed up with them, you need to click the link and sign yourself up now.  I've only been using Swagbucks for searches for a few months and love the program.  Highly recommend signing up and adding the toolbar.  Then do your searches there instead of google.  I mean, why not get rewarded for doing internet searches?

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