Friday, April 29, 2011

Target Savings

My Target doesn't seem to be having the same sales as others.  Boo!  I'm thinking it's perhaps because it's under construction as they build the grocery part?  I did have a bunch of manufacturer coupons for the Nature Valley granola bars, as well as a bunch of Target coupons to stack with them.  My dad loves them and they keep for ages so I just went ahead and used up my coupons.  Don't worry, no shelves were cleared. 

And while I probably could have found a better deal on the Finish boxes, I was OK with paying just $0.76/each.  They are my favorite (as evidenced by the crazy stack in the back of my pantry- ha!).

Purchased ...
(2) Finish Quantam 10 ct.  reg. $2.75??, sale $2.51
(2) Crackerful  reg. $2.79
(1) Revlon Nail Clipper  $1.59
(1) Visine  reg. $1.99, sale $1.79
(12) Nature Valley granola bars 4 ct.  reg. $1

(2) $1.75/1 Finish Quantum print Q
(1) $1/1 Crackerful manu Q  **
(1) $2/1 Revlon beauty tool print Q
(1) $2/1 Visine print Q
(6) $1/2 Nature Valley Target print Q
(6) $1/2 Nature Valley manu Q

Total value purchased ... $26.66
Paid out of pocket ... $4.53
Percentage saved ... 83%

Earned ... $5/2 Revlon Beauty Tools Coupon! Which is fabulous!  Those nail clippers were only purchased because of the overage.  I don't need them- the went straight into my donate box.  I'll buy two more of them with this coupon and before taxes, have $1.82 overage!  Woo hoo!!

** I just realized that even though I haded over TWO of the $1/1 Crackerful coupons, only ONE shows on my receipt.  I thought I was paying close attention too.  Drats.  I still did well but it would have been $1 better if I had a keener eye!

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Jayna Rae said...

I need to get me some of those Nature Valley coupons. Last time I had them I used them all wrong and purchased the regular sized boxes. DOH! Hey, do you use the Target check card that goes to your check account? It is an extra 5% off each usage and works the same as your debit card. That's like another .25 saves off this transaction. Adds up though.