Friday, April 22, 2011

Surprise: Great Deals at Price Chopper

I neglected to take a photo of my trip to Price Chopper.  Sorry, I just never think of it when I buzzing to get everything put away.  I am better and taking drug store purchase photos as they are not perishable and I feel less in a rush.  Today was mostly Easter foods anyway.  We all know what a spiral ham (not on sale, no coupon, purchased when the store is FULL on Good Friday) looks like.

But don't forget to print the great Price Chopper coupons this week.  You know that Belgioioso $5 any two coupon this week?  I made it work, baby!  I found the two least expensive pieces, one for $3.67 and one for $3.69.  I also found two peelies for $0.55/1 ANY Belgioioso cheese in the display.  I love cheese and it freezes so well.  I don't have an immediate need for either of these right now but when you're only paying 17% for such a great product, it seems so worth it to buy and freeze for later use.

Total value of cheese ... $7.36
Out of pocket paid ... $1.26
Percentage saved ... 83%

The other thing I want to point out is the magic red iSave machine.  I never used to take advantage of this thing- didn't even know where it was located to be honest.  Until I Am That Lady kept making mention of her coupons from there.  I've used it the past three weeks and have used at least two coupons each time.  As they are Price Chopper coupons, we can stack them with manufacturer coupons.  So be sure to always bring your coupon binder to the store with you!

One of the coupons I used today was a $0.50/1 Bailey's creamer.  I knew I had a $1/1 manufacturer coupon too.  It's selling for (not sure if this is a regular or sale price) $1.69 for the small bottle at my store.  This is something else that can be frozen.  I actually will use it now but if you don't need creamer, you can totally pop it (along with milk and yogurt and sour cream, etc) in the freezer for later use.  I actually drink more coffee in the summer months as I tend to make myself ice coffee all weekend long. 

Total value of creamer ... $1.69
Out of pocket paid ... $0.19
Percentage saved ... 89%

You should note that many of the Price Chopper coupons have a minimum purchase.  I was buying weekend/Easter groceries so I easily met and exceeded that price point.  Just wanted to make sure y'all were reading the fine print.  Some have a minimum and some do not.

Both of these purchases were a surprise.  I just happened to print out the cheese coupon on the off chance I could make something fun happen there.  It was unexpected to find the two peelies but I was so excited to see that all come together.  And the Baileys was unplanned too.  I love coming home with surprise deals from the grocery store.  I still struggle to really get amazing deals on groceries.  I'm getting better but my luck is nothing like bloggers in other parts of the country.  But seeing as how I am stocked up on just about everything health and beauty related, I am really trying hard to concentrate on grocery purchases. 

Target's grocery department can't get here fast enough!

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Erin said...

Awesome job on the Belgioioso cheese! :-) I had forgotten about that coupon, thanks for the reminder :-) You can never have too much cheese!