Monday, April 18, 2011

Tide Coupons

Before I started couponing in January, Tide was the only detergent I would use.  I tried to buy it on sale but honestly, if I was out I would just buy it at full price. 


Now that I am a super couponer, I have let go of most of my brand loyalties.  I realize that most detergents really do clean exactly the same.  I've also found brands that I love, possibly even more than Tide!

But don't think for a skinny minute that if I am ever able to find Tide at the same price as Purex and Wisk, I won't be buying several!  I've yet to find Tide on sale plus a high value coupon.  So until then, I will keep looking and signing up for more coupons.  You never know when a great deal is around the corner!

Click the image to sign up for $3 in Tide coupons to be mailed to you.  Here's hoping a spring cleaning sale is just around the corner!!


JulesTX said...

When I click on the link, it goes to Arm & Hammer toothpaste?

Jeanni said...

The picture leads to an arm&hammer toothpaste sample, not tide.

JulesTX said...

Thanks - I just tried and the coupons worked this time.