Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I would never have purchased this stuff before couponing.  I never even looked at it.  Instead, I blindly grabbed the store brand, regardless of what store I was in, of liquid dishwasher detergent.  There was never standing around looking at what other brands and products were out there.  Just grab and go when it came to any and all cleaning supplies.

Now cleaning supplies are some of my favorite things to buy.  Because there are such great deals to be had when you combine a store sale plus store coupon plus manufacturer coupon.  I love that with coupons, I pay a tiny fraction of the price but use all the fun, new, fancy pants products.

The bad thing is that I am a total Finish addict now.  It would be mighty hard to go back to straining myself to squeeze a bottle.  Ha!  The good thing is that I have been able to get a year's supply of it already.  I'm not even embarrassed by that.  They stack well at the back of my hall closet, keep a long time, will be used, and might find their way into random prezzies too. 

The fun news today is that if you "like" Finish on Facebook, you will be able to print (twice- hit back page AFTER the first starts printing) a very high value coupon for $1.75/1.  As I am not at all in need of more, I will hang on to the coupons until I find a great sale price to combine them with for a rock bottom price.

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