Friday, April 22, 2011

More FREE Paper

My word...I can't believe how Staples just gives this paper away right and left!  I had no idea one should never pay for copy paper.  I actually have to pop over near Staples today so if I can remember, I might as well pick up yet another FREE pack of paper.  If they want to give it to me for FREE...who am I to turn that down, right? 

I've found that they key is to register for the mail in rebate immediately.  I assume Staples does this deal banking on the fact that most people forget to register the rebates.  So when you get home, do not pass go until you hop online to register.  It takes just a minute, if that long, and the check will come to you in about a month or so. 

So go HERE to print out this coupon.  Hand it to the cashier as you are checking out.  Pay out of pocket (before tax), $5.99.  Then go home and follow the instructions that print on your receipt.  It's easy peasy, I promise.  A check will be mailed directly to you. 

I believe there is a limit of ONE and the offer is only valid through tomorrow, 04/23/2011.  So act fast!  But don't make a special trip.  It seems Staples does similar FREE paper offers all the time.  I've done it at least five times in the last two months alone.  And that's not even taking advantage of every offer.  Office Depot (that's the name, right?  well the store that's like Staples but starts with the word Office...) does similar frequent offers but we don't have one of those up here.  If you do, I'd sign up for their e-notices so you can take advantage of those offers too.

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JulesTX said...

Its weird but these coupons are coming up with an invalid date again. I'll keep trying, just not sure wht the date chnages when you click on the both the coupon and the link?