Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fresh Or Stale But Not With Chocolate I tried those Skittles Blenders.  And they are so gross.  I don't really know why I am surprised as I think regular Skittles are gross.  But these flavors take the ick to a whole new level.

I also bought what I had hoped would be a joyful treat.  Chocolate dipped Peeps.  I love Peeps.  Like LOVE LOVE.  If I have a package with two rows, I will eat one row fresh and then leave the other row to get stale.  Because everyone knows that Peeps are best when stale.  And while I am not a big chocolate lover, I figured that I would like them dipped just at the bottom. 

But I do not.

I don't hate them.  And certainly did not gag the way I did while tasting those icky Skittles.  But I will not be buying them again, that's for sure.  Peeps are perfection and don't need extra goop. 

Fresh or stale, as long as they are sans chocolate, Peeps are forever one of my favorite foods.

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