Monday, April 18, 2011

Too Much Toothpaste

Sometimes more is a good thing.  Sometimes more means you are prepared for the unexpected. And sometimes, more is just plain ole more. 

Such is the case with my stock of toothpaste.

When I first started coupoing, I was so excited to find a few good deals.  Most of which were toothpaste in the beginning.  I bought several at what I thought was the world's most rock bottom amazing price of $0.50/each.  To go from paying $3-4 a tube to $0.50 seemed crazy to me.  And then that first month, I read on a blog that this random drugstore website was running great sale on toothpaste and floss.  And if you bought a certain quantity (I think it was quantities of four), you got an additional discount.  Which actually made the toothpaste FREE and the floss was less than $0.20 per container.  Shipping was just $0.99 total. 

I'm not listing the site because since then I've not really even seen decent deals on anything so I am assuming they were just clearing out stock or someone made a mistake with the wacky give away free products pricing.  You can get nearly everything less expensive when full price at Rite-Aid. 

So enter an insane collection of Aim toothpaste.  Not a brand I'd ever used but I was trying to let go of my brand loyalties. 

But then I soon realized that you can get FREE toothpaste every other week at a minimum.  And well, when you first start couponing, you love getting free stuff.  So I did.  I bought lots of FREE toothpaste. 

31 tubes of toothpaste!!

Now I realize that this is on the verge of dental hoarding.  Actually, that photo doesn't even account for the two tubes in my bathroom and the dozen of Aim that I have already given away.  After the photo, I put nearly all of the Aim in the donation box.  It turns out that when it comes to toothpaste, one can actually afford to be brand loyal.  So I am.  Colgate paste, I heart you! 

I bet you are hoping to read that I promise not to buy more toothpaste.  I can't.  You see, I have since realized that there are lots of money maker deals to be had with toothpaste.  So if I can make a decent store profit on toothpaste, it's still likely to come home with me.  I certainly won't make a special trip just for toothpaste.  But I figure I can always donate it and use the profit to buy other things for my own home.

Do you have a too large stock of something at your home?

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Anonymous said...

That is amazing! I have a lot of canned goods, but I don't think you could fit all of that toothpaste in my pantry !