Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fully Stocked On FREE Yogurt

I just had to run to Price Chopper one final time to take advantage of those great Price Chopper brand coupons.  I did more of this and this

In three transactions I bought...

(1) bunch of bananas  $1.28
(1) Price Chopper waffles  $2
(1) Central Market Large Eggs  $2.79
(2) Price Chopper Dry Onion Seasoning  $0.49
(3) Price Chopper chicken broth  $0.79
(3) Price Chopper box cereal  $2
(20) Price Chopper Low Fat yogurt  $0.45

Minus (remember this was done in three separate transactions)...
-(1) $0.50/1 Central Market eggs coupon from iSave machine
-(3) FREE Price Chopper boxed cereal up to $2
-(3) $5/any 10 Price Chopper brand products

Total items purchased ... $24.42
Total paid out of pocket ... $2.81
Percentage saved ... 88.5%

I really really hope they give us more great coupons like this in the not so distant future!  I am now fully stocked on yogurt, chicken stock and cereal.  I LOVE that feeling.  Especially when I paid so little for everything. 

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