Friday, April 8, 2011

A $9.98 PROFIT

Yes, you read that correctly.  I came home with more cash than when I left.  I actually didn't mean for this to happen but life is full of randomness sometimes.

So the deal is that I planned to buy a long list of things at Walmart.  And use the overage from the Similac coupons to pay for part of it.  That was the plan.  The best laid plans though...  So I went all through that wretched store, that I am sorry to say I do NOT heart, and found not a single thing on my list.  Not one.  Except the formula.  And since I was there, I decided to just get the formula and have them put the overage on a gift card to use later. 

For those unaware, Walmart has a new coupon policy that allows you to get coupon overage back.  Either to use on the rest of your order, in the form of a gift card or in the form of cold hard cash.  I am not personally a fan of the cash back senario.  Feels underhanded to me.  But sometimes in life we have to go with the flow.

First, I had two Gerber formula coupons that looked like checks.  One was for $6.95 and the other was for $15.95.  (I signed up for these a few months ago- don't remember where- sorry.)  I was nervous as they looked just like checks and knew they would be an issue.  They were.  It was uncomfortable.  But they eventually went through with the help of another employee and the manager.  Then I used my $5 Similac formula coupons.  They went through just fine.  But then the cashier was upset that I was owed cash back.  I pulled out a copy of the store coupon policy and tried to ask for a gift card.  But the cashier did not want to talk to me and was under his breath moaning about how I shouldn't get cash back- then I would say a gift card is fine- and he would ignore me.  So eventually he threw the cash at me.  $11.07 to be exact!

But when I got home, I looked at my receipt to see that the Similac was marked $3.84 but it rang up at $5.47.  I bought seven.  So I actually should have walked away with an additional $11.41.  But I was so flustered that I didn't notice until I got home.  I called and they said I need to lug all seven bottles in if I want it readjusted.  Which means that Walmart probably just profited off me.  Because they will get paid from the various manufacturers for the full amount.  But they know that their horrible customer service will keep me from visiting them again in the near future. 

All that said, I still did really well.  Here's what I purchased...

From Walmart:
(7) 1qt Similac Soy Formula  $5.47 (though marked $3.84!!)
(2) Gerber Soy Plus Formula  $4.27

-(7) $5/1  Any Similac Formula coupon from Sunday paper
-(1) $6.95  Any Gerber Formula coupon
-(1) $15.95  Any Gerber Formula coupon

Total purchased ... $46.83
Total paid ... -$11.07

Then I drove across the street to Price Chopper to use two more of the $5/10 PC items coupons and Free Cereal coupons.  Really I wanted to get some yogurt to freeze and a thing of orange juice.

Transaction #1:
(1) Price Chopper boxed cereal  $2
(2) Price Chopper Chicken Broth  $0.79
(7) Price Chopper low fat yogurt  $0.45

(1) Free PC boxed cereal up to $2
(1) $5/any 10 Price Chopper brand items

Total purchased ... $6.73
Total paid ... -$0.27 
(PC does not give cash back but my total was in fact negative!)

Transaction #2:
(1) Price Chopper boxed cereal  $2
(1) Price Chopper OJ  $2.99
(8) Price Chopper low fat yogurt  $0.45

(1) $0.50/1 PC brand OJ from iSave machine
(1) Free PC brand boxed cereal up to $2
(1) $5/any 10 PC brand items

Total purchased ... $8.59
Total paid ... $1.09

So in under an hour tonight, I purchased $62.15.  And walked away with $9.98 in cash PROFIT.  Though it should have been an additional $11.41, that's still pretty awesome for a quick trip.  Even if you don't have the other coupons, you still have time to do use the Price Chopper coupons.  Links are a few posts below this one...

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